Gemini Shale Solutions was born out of necessity and opportunity. As an innovation and solutions company, Gemini is simply a customer obsessed organization.  Our People, Our Partnerships and Our Purpose drive everything we do in every phase of our organization.  Gemini has two primary divisions: our Water Innovation Network (WIN) Division and our Geographically Innovative Optimization (GIO) Division.  We focus on niche spaces to truly differentiate our organization, to stay laser focused on critical areas in need of optimization within oil and gas, and to be a first mover in the sector as an innovator.

WIN Division:

We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that uses innovation to drive our core strategies. WE ARE NOT AN e-ticket… we are so much more!!!  In today’s climate, big data is at the heart of optimization.  Gemini is truly a first mover in this space of water management and logistical analytics. Water movement is one of the most complex areas challenging operators today. No other organization is currently designing solutions to completely remove the driver from the equation of water hauling.  Our patent pending metering seamlessly connects to our cloud based platform and removes human inputs as a means of data collection.  Additionally, we completely create a workflow solution that incorporates approvals as it integrates with your accounting, operations, regulatory and other various platforms. Our competitors simply digitize your information. They create the dreaded e-ticket leaving the real work to the Operators. Gemini is a complete workflow solution that will move information into your well cost platforms (such as Site View, Well View, Well EZ, and others). Gemini is also a differentiator by integrating with your accounting platform.  You can move tickets completely through their life cycle, including regulatory reporting destinations. Nothing on the market compares to Gemini.  Operators have the most comprehensive dashboards, KPI’s, and true analytics for critical decision making needs. Gemini’s SaaS platform is ready to completely change how your organization looks at water, waste, cuttings, sand, fuel, stone and many other areas associated with logistics.

GIO Division:

Every basin has unique characteristics. To know these critical differentiators allows our organization to create tailored and customized solutions with a key focus on safety, costs and environmental stewardship. The short and long term needs of each basin are directly related to their geological location.  Gemini provides this unique lens to offer these tailored and customized Innovative optimization opportunities. Gemini will unveil patent pending solutions, short/near term and long term solutions, and a strategy for operators to lead within the waste sector. Stay tuned for more details for a basin by basin approach!!! COMING SOON.